We are a company looking to transform the way the LGBTQIA+ community builds friendships and creates memories. We host various engaging events to encourage platonic and meaningful relationships throughout the community. 


This organization will give young adults a new avenue to find people within their community without having to resort to night clubs or parties. Our goal is to find commonalities between us aside from the basic foundation of our sexual orientation! 

Alexandra Tiso
Co-Founder & CEO

"Embracity is creating more options for the LGBTQ community. Attending a yoga class or a dance lesson knowing I'll be surrounded by fabulous queers and allies? Count me in! Our events will encourage organic friendships along side the conventional bar scene and dating apps." 

Billy Burke
Co-Founder & CEO

"After World Pride 2019 in NYC I realized how few social events the LGBTQ community have that are not overly-sexualized or focused on drugs and alcohol. And that is what sparked Embracity!"